Have you got your number? The new Unique Student Identifier (USI)…

The Australian Government has just implemented a scheme to help bring records of nationally accredited training together in the one place!

From 01 January 2015, all participants undertaking nationally accredited training will require a Unique Student Identifier (USI).

The USI will:
• give individuals easier access to their training records
• enable individuals to view and update their details from any location at any time and
• ensure that records are maintained over time (no more lost competency records - yippee)!

So what does this mean for you?

TH9 provides a number of nationally accredited courses including the Clean and Inspect Machinery Hygiene Course (CIMHC) and the Agricultural Chemicals Distribution and Control Course (ACDC).

Participants who undertake this training will require a Unique Student Identifier before they can complete the training.

If a USI is not provided, training providers cannot by law issue you a Certificate, Statement of Attainment or Transcript of your training.

How do participant’s register for a USI?

Individual’s can register for a USI at the Department of Industry’s new website. Simply click ”create a USI” and follow the directions. For future reference, USI’s should be kept safe and handy.

Need more information?

You’ll find a quick how-to video on the new USI here. Or go straight to the Department of Industry’s USI website at www.usi.gov.au.