Working with Weeds Workshops

TH9-MM.Cut StumpDo you know that if you spray weeds, you may require a licence for the ground distribution of herbicides?

Individuals in Queensland who operate ground equipment for herbicide distribution are called commercial operators and operate under a commercial operator’s licence. To obtain a licence, you must hold an approved accreditation or pass a written licence exam.

However, there are a number of exemptions to these licence requirements. A licence is not required for hand-powered equipment; compressed air and gas powered liquid sprays; and for ground distribution in the western and far northern regions of Queensland.

TH9’s intensive two-day course in Agricultural Chemical Distribution and Control (ACDC) provides you with the three nationally recognised competencies you need to gain your commercial operator’s licence.

But if you’re looking to address some of the more practical issues associated with working with weeds, or you simply need to get staff up to speed who may not require the full competencies, we’ve got a short course that’s designed just for you.

The Working with Weeds workshop series gives you and your team the skills and knowledge required to work with weeds on your properties and operational areas. The practical on-site training addresses the key health, safety and environmental risks and the training can be fully tailored to meet your needs.

As part of your course, you can choose to cover just one or all three of the following workshops via a part-day or single full-day of training. Select from:
1. Chemical weed control workshop (safe and effective hand spraying, weed control techniques, storage and handling)
2. Weed identification and management workshop
3. Weed hygiene in the field workshop.

Prices start at $200 per person for a part day course or $350 for the full day course covering all three workshops (minimum of 6 people).

You can read more about the Working with Weeds workshops here.