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This course is a nationally accredited course that covers 1 unit of.  The unit of competency covered is:

AHCBIO201A Inspect and clean machinery for plant, animal & soil material

The course provides participants with the skills required to undertake inspections
and proper clean downs of machinery, vehicles and equipment, to ensure the risk
of weed spread is minimised via vehicular movement.

 Key Components of learning are:

 State government legislation
Declared Pest
Plants & common weed id
Inspection and Clean Down Procedures
Contamination points on vehicles, machinery and
Equipment to assist in inspection and cleaning

The training is a one day course, following being deemed competent participants will be receive a statement of attainment and also a business card size statement stating competency and certificate number.

 Aims & Objectives

The Clean and Inspect Machinery Hygiene Course is tailored to raise the awareness of your companies employees to implement company specific weed hygiene policies and procedures, understand government legislative requirements and become competent in inspection and clean down of equipment, vehicles and machinery.

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