Terms and Conditions

Non - Accredited Training Terms & Conditions

Training dates and locations: TH9 Outdoor Services reserves the right to cancel or adjust the training dates as required. In the event that this is necessary, you will be contacted and provided with an option to cancel or adjust your training dates accordingly. No cancellation fees will be charged in these circumstances.

Payment and cancellation policy:

  • No refund is available to participants who fail to appear at course commencement or who leave before finalising the course except where they can provide a valid medical certificate or demonstrate extreme personal hardship. That being the case, fees may be refunded on a prorata basis. The cost of any trainee handouts, training aids provided, venue, refreshment costs or fees for services rendered will not be refunded.
  • Should participants want to finalise an incomplete course, the original fee payment may be used as a credit towards that course within six months of the initial payment. Notification must be in writing to TH9 Outdoor Services.
  • In the event that training is interrupted after commencement and TH9 deems that the course cannot be completed at the allotted time, arrangements will be made for the course participants to complete the training at a later suitable time. If no suitable time can be arranged then a partial refund will be arranged based on the time and duration of the interruption. Please note, full refunds will not be granted.
  • Certificates of completion will not be processed or issued until courses are completed in full and final assessment(s) have been successfully completed where necessary.
  • Any requirement to re-issue a course certificate must be submitted to TH9 in writing and will attract an administration fee of $95.

Behavioural expectations: We respectfully request that all participants operate under a strict code of behaviour to ensure that training is conducive to learning:

  • Prior to training:
    • Please notify your company training coordinator and TH9 immediately if you are unable to attend training. Where possible it is desirable to find a substitute that can attend. Withdrawal less than 5 days from the course starting date will not be subject to any refunds except in accordance with our payments policy
    • Please read the course agenda and ensure the date, location and starting time is understood
    • Ensure you bring any required equipment and materials necessary for the training
  • At training:
    • Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the start time
    • Arrive back from breaks on time
    • Stay to the end of the course
    • Turn-off mobiles during the sessions
    • Be respectful to the instructor and other participants
    • Contribute to discussions
    • Provide feedback on the course at the completion of training

Access and equity policy: Access to training services will be available to all people without discrimination. Where practicable, arrangements will be made for those clients with disabilities requiring special needs as well as those clients requiring language/literacy/numeracy support.

Harassment policy: TH9 Outdoor Services have a harassment policy in place to ensure all personnel are protected from unfair discrimination, harassment and other forms of unacceptable behaviour in accordance with the relevant state and Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination Acts. TH9 will seriously and confidentially investigate any complaint of discrimination or harassment received. Complaints should be addressed to the Director of TH9 Outdoor Services.

Privacy policy: TH9 Outdoor Services has a privacy policy in place to ensure the confidentiality of your personal information. TH9 Outdoor Services collects information (such as your name, address and other details you provide) for the purposes of providing you with services and conducting marketing activities such as our regular e Newsletter. We may provide this information to third parties who assist these functions or if we are obliged by law. We take care to maintain the integrity of our client’s personal information and to protect that personal information from unauthorised access. We do not permit third parties to use personal information for other purposes and do not sell your personal information. Should you need to correct or request the removal of personal information held by TH9, please contact us at info@th9.com.au.

Complaints procedure: We strive to deal with any grievances as soon as they arise, in order to avoid any further disruption to training or the need for a formal complaint. Participants with any grievance regarding any aspect of their training are encouraged to:

  • Discuss the issue with the instructor concerned as soon as possible
  • If unresolved, discuss the issue with the Director of TH9 Outdoor Services and a mutually agreed mediator.
  • Pursue the issue through legal avenues (e.g. the Anti-discrimination Board, Consumer Affairs, or other bodies as appropriate).

The above procedure should also be followed for appeals against results. Participants have a maximum period of six weeks in which they can appeal against results.

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