Biosecurity management: practical measures to control your biosecurity risks

So now you’ve done your planning, it’s time to get down to business… Weed and pest management is often best undertaken through integrated weed control activities. These may include a combination of physical, mechanical, chemical or biological means or even fire and grazing.

Here’s a brief checklist that you might like to consider before embarking on any control activities:

  • ensure you have a property management plan which addresses your specific site, risks and requirements
  • ensure you’ve got the relevant approvals, competencies, qualifications, licences and permits to undertake the task
  • take measures to contain existing weed infestations, pest animal and disease outbreaks via education, demarcation, signage and additional hygiene measures
  • ensure that all chemicals and control equipment are stored, utilised, maintained and disposed of in accordance with best practice guidelines, the manufacturers label, material safety data sheets and relevant instructions
  • ensure that waste disposal requirements are considered and addressed as part of the property plan before the commencement of works (waste water, silt and debris from washdown, physical weed seed and other reproductive materials, waste, chemicals and any pest carcasses)
  • undertake relevant communication and notification with neighbours/landholders/stakeholders before the commencement of works and
  • ensure that appropriate records are maintained of all control activities.

Are you implementing effective controls for your biosecurity risks?