Wash Down & Weed Hygiene Inspections

Prevention is by far the most efficient and cost-effective way to manage weeds, pests and diseases. Once they’ve become established, they can easily degrade capability, damage a company’s reputation and require years of costly control, follow-up and monitoring.


Weed Hygiene Inspections

Weeds, pests and diseases often spread through contaminated vehicles, machinery, equipment and loads. It’s therefore important to minimise the opportunity for new weeds and pests to spread into an area whilst also restricting the spread of any existing infestations.

Hygiene Inspection services can be provided at a private wash bay at your work site or at a public wash down facility.

Qualified personnel with extensive experience in clean down and inspections will provide an efficient service to meet state hygiene standards. We know the places where potential soil, weed and pest contamination are likely to build up and we work with you to reduce down time, increase clean down efficiency, remove potential contaminants and get you on your way. Upon completion of the wash down and inspection, a Vehicle/Machinery Hygiene Inspection Certificate will be issued.

Current serviced locations: Toowoomba & Brisbane Region, Rockhampton by request.

We are also available to undertake hygiene audits of equipment, vehicles etc entering properties at designated checkpoints ensuring their compliance with any land access requirements.

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