Clean & Inspect Machinery Hygiene Course (AHCBIO201) PRIVATE - Oakey

8:30am - 4:00pm, Mon 11 December 2017

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Registrations -  Raytheon Australia (Oakey)

Overview: The Clean and Inspect Machinery Hygiene Course is designed to provide you with an awareness of biosecurity threats associated with the movement of machinery, vehicles and equipment. The course shows you how to identify some of the key biosecurity threats facing your operations and equips supervisors, employees and contractors with the skills and knowledge to implement company specific hygiene policies and procedures.

Certification: This is a nationally accredited course, auspiced through Burnham & Associates Training Consultancy (Registered Training Organisation, RTO 30850). The course covers one unit of competency under the Conservation and Land Management (Certificate II) stream. The competency is AHCBIO201 Inspect and clean machinery for plant, animal & soil material.

What’s included: Training Materials,  assessment and course notes.

What to bring: Long sleeve shirt, long pants and safety boots (suitable for getting wet and dirty), drink bottle, lunch, safety glasses, sunscreen, hat, gloves, writing materials and any other PPE as specified by your company procedures.

Key components of learning:

  • Company specific weed hygiene procedures (if in place)
  • State government legislation
  • Introduction to potential contaminants
  • Weed identification skills, covering declared pest plants and common weeds
  • Potential contamination points on vehicles, machinery and equipment
  • Inspection and clean down procedures
  • Safety procedures
  • Equipment to assist in inspection and cleaning
  • Practical clean down and inspection exercises conducted in the field

Upon completion: On successful completion of the training, you will receive a Statement of Attainment and also a licence sized card displaying your competency. This certification enables you to clean and inspect vehicle and equipment hygiene and sign-off on hygiene inspection forms.

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