Case Studies

We’ve completed a range of different projects for our clients. Here is just a small sample:

Biosecurity Management Plan

Client: Multi-national company within the energy resources industry

Location: Queensland-wide

Project background:
Biosecurity management is a responsibility shared by government, industry and the community. Major development and construction projects are increasingly being asked to demonstrate effective management of these biosecurity responsibilities through a variety of conditions and compliance requirements within their environmental approvals.

Key objectives:
The key objectives of the project were to develop a Biosecurity Management Plan that ensured:

  • Biosecurity threats, risks and requirements were clearly identified and understood
  • Appropriate roles, responsibilities and communication strategies were developed and implemented in support of biosecurity management requirements throughout the entire supply chain
  • There is early detection and intervention to control pests and other biosecurity threats
  • There is continued strategic action to manage and prevent the spread of pests and other biosecurity threats
  • There is a foundation for regular monitoring and review of biosecurity management measures and

Biosecurity management occurs in a planned and considered manner in consultation and partnership with local governments, regional bodies, state and federal government agencies and other stakeholders.

Key outcomes:
The nature of the construction activities and the array of different companies, contractors and stakeholders involved in activities had previously resulted in confusion over biosecurity requirements and their implementation at the operational level.

The project commenced with a workshop which brought the various stakeholders together to determine what procedures existed, what was working and what required improvement. Clear objectives and priorities were then collectively established and the scope refined to meet the client’s needs.

From there, we prepared a clear and comprehensive Biosecurity Management Plan (BMP) which set the over-arching biosecurity guidance for the company’s operations. The BMP was then supported by a range of practical procedures, forms and checklists which could be applied at the operational level. Monitoring, auditing and review requirements were also established to ensure the effective implementation and continuous improvement of the system.

We are now in the final stages of this project and will also deliver a range of training and awareness sessions to enable staff to better understand the biosecurity requirements and give them confidence in efficiently and effectively implementing the plan and the procedures.

Pre-disturbance advice

Client: Private landholder

Location: Western Queensland

Project background:
A large energy company was to conduct major construction activities on a private cattle property. Proposed activities involved a large number of earthmoving equipment over an extended period of time.

Key objectives:
The key objective of this project was to provide site specific advice that would assist the landowner to protect their property.

Key outcomes:
TH9 Outdoor Services assisted the landowners to develop a benchmark of their existing pest liabilities including the location, density and other characteristics of weed infestations on the property. TH9 Outdoor Services also provided site specific advice that assisted the landowners to incorporate strict access conditions into their land access agreement. These requirements assisted the landowners to ensure that vehicle and equipment hygiene was maintained throughout the project, protecting their property from the threat of weed/seed spread. It also gave them the confidence to document and enforce their access requirements, protecting their interests whilst maintaining open and constructive communication with the works company.



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