Services for Landholders

Working with landholders to develop an effective pest management planAre you looking for sound practical advice? Get the support you need to find practical solutions to your weed, pest, biosecurity and land management challenges here at TH9.

Whether you’re dealing with a new weed incursion or protecting your property under a new land access agreement, TH9 will give you the industry specific knowledge you need to forecast and respond to your issues quickly and effectively.

Here are just a few of the ways that TH9 Outdoor Services can help you:

  • Biosecurity Management Plans,  all livestock producers as of October 1st 2017 will require a Biosecurity Management Plan to satisfy Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) requirements, .  We can assist to make ensure you are compliant.
  • Biosecurity guest entry signage can assist in notifying guests of their biosecurity obligations on entry to your property (such as washdown requirements, required documentation, contact numbers).
  • Property management plans can help you to develop an holistic approach to your land management activities incorporating grazing and herd management together with sustainable cropping practices, land use assessment and economic modelling. We can also apply agricultural enterprise benchmarking and recommendations to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your property management activities
  • Pre and post disturbance surveys will help you to protect your interests when construction or maintenance activities are planned for your property
  • Weed management training / field days can help to increase your practical knowledge and skills
  • Regular property weed surveys can help to prevent the establishment and spread of weeds. They can also provide the basis for mapping by recording the abundance and distribution of weed infestations so you can prioritise your weed control efforts. Basic surveys can focus on likely weed areas like waterways, tracks and disturbed areas whilst more detailed surveys can also be conducted to more thoroughly document the extent of existing and emerging biosecurity issues
  • Weed and pest mapping can provide you with accurate data to inform the planning process, so we’ll work with you to capture the relevant weed and pest information, correctly identify species and then develop appropriate mapping for your needs
  • Assistance with the on-ground management of vegetation offset areas can help to simplify the process and ensure your needs are addressed
  • Find solutions to your whole of property or species specific weed management issues by working with TH9 to identify the most practical and cost effective control programs or
  • Access expert witness services to help you address any weed management disputes. You’ll find our independent specialist opinion will provide your legal team and barristers with practical advice to get the best outcome for you and your property.

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