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We’re determined to help you find the most practical and effective ways to address your compliance requirements, maintain your reputation and ensure the sustainability of your operations.

Weeds and pests have significant economic, environmental and social impacts. They reduce agricultural productivity, alter ecosystem function and threaten human and animal health. When it comes to weeds and pests, prevention really is better than cure.

Whether you’re in the business of exploration, construction, operation or maintenance, there is a considerable legislative and social responsibility to manage the land which you use as part of your operations. Here are just a few of the ways that we can help you:

  • Planning your weed, pest and land management requirements:
    • Site specific biosecurity management plans
    • Overarching company-wide biosecurity management plans
    • Property pest management plans
    • Policies and procedures for hygiene management, weed management, pest, disease and pathogen management.
  • Implementing your weed, pest and land management requirements:
    • Site surveys and property audits
    • Weed and pest mapping
    • On-ground monitoring and maintenance works (including the management of vegetation offset areas)
    • Development and implementation of practical solutions for specific site issues and challenges
    • Develop and implement works programs and monitoring programs
    • Audit works implementation to ensure your programs are efficient and cost effective
    • Advice on rapid response measures to contain the threat of any actual or suspected priority weed, pest animal or alert disease
    • Education, training and awareness for management, supervisors, field staff and contractors to address health, safety, environmental and compliance risks associated with biosecurity issues.
  • Responding to disputes over weed management:
    • Property surveys, mapping and audits
    • Expert witness providing an independent specialist opinion to assist legal teams and barristers with practical advice to support your case.

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