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The training has been valuable in alerting me to declared weed pests that are prevalent in the Surat Basin and vehicle washdown measures that can be used to satisfy the need for hygiene inspection certificates - Ross McGuiness

Well structured course that highlighted the importance of inspecting vehicles before and after activities - Cameron Hardie

It’s good to know how to correctly clean a vehicle and to inspect a machine. Enjoyable day - Terry Wilkinson

A very interesting and enjoyable session. I gained a lot today. It has really changed my attitude - Walter Sossa

Really knowledgeable presenter…

Belinda was a really knowledgeable presenter and made the extra effort to assist our understanding. Belinda has incredibly detailed knowledge and I have benefitted from her experiences. She has done a very good job today and I would recommend her for training - Greg Marning

An excellent course. Belinda’s real life experience made the training interesting. As a grazier, Belinda helped us understand the third party’s perspective - Michael Brett

Belinda was a great presenter. Very interactive and informative. I really benefitted from the practical exercises and weed ID - Veronica Cavanough

Belinda was very informative and she knows the subject well - Matt Senner

I feel informed…

I came in with no knowledge but now I feel informed about weeds and their threats - Daniel Hughes

I now know the importance of why we need to clean down vehicles - Stuart Argent

Really interesting course which has enhanced my knowledge of weeds. The washdown techniques are really useful - Shane Medley

I enjoyed learning about the importance of weed control and the need to properly clean vehicles - Matthew Evan

I benefitted from learning new weed species. It’s also good to know how to properly clean a vehicle and to what standard - Alicia Hogan

Professionally conducted…

Excellent course, I learnt a lot. Professionally conducted. Thanks - Neil Young

It’s great to understand the legislative requirements of why we do weed wash downs - Ellen Clanchy

Good mix of class and practical learning - Dale Brown

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