Working with Weeds Workshops

Non - Accredited Training

Overview: This training is designed to give participants the skills and knowledge required to work with weeds on your properties and operational areas. The practical on-site training is tailored to your needs and can cover upto three key areas through a part-day or full-day short course.

The three workshops include:

  1. Chemical weed control (safe and effective hand spraying)
  2. Weed identification and management
  3. Weed hygiene in the field

Training costs: $350 per person for the full day training including all three workshops OR $200 per person for the part day training with one session of your choice. Courses require a minimum of 6 people.

Duration: Full day or part day course.

Location: Customised group courses can be delivered at locations throughout Queensland by request. Public courses may also be scheduled from time to time in major centres throughout Queensland.

What to bring:

  • Long sleeve shirt, long pants and safety boots (suitable for getting wet and dirty)
  • Drink bottle and lunch
  • Safety glasses, sunscreen, hat and gloves
  • Writing materials and
  • Any other PPE as specified by your company procedures.

Key components of learning:

1. Chemical weed control (safe and effective hand spraying) workshop:

  • Introduction to weeds and pests
  • Preparing for herbicide use with hand sprayers
  • Relevant legislation, planning, safety and record-keeping requirements
  • Chemical handling, mixing and application
  • Chemical transport, storage and disposal requirements
  • Practical tips and control techniques.

2. Weed identification and management workshop:

  • Identification of common, priority and declared weed species likely to occur in your area
  • Inspecting and identifying infestation areas
  • Reporting and managing infestations.

3. Weed hygiene in the field workshop:

  • How to identify a potential biosecurity risk
  • What is biosecurity risk material
  • Weed hygiene procedures to consider
  • Practical weed hygiene measures.

Upon completion: Upon completion of the training, you will receive a Certificate of completion.

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